Wasilla's Choice for Daycare and Preschool

    The program has been simply wonderful for our son and family. They are honest and
 hardworking with the children. I trust to leave my son with them and have seen him blossom
 and grow so much within the time he has been under their guidance and care. He sings songs
 to me that he has learned and proudly shows me his artwork. They are always learning about
 different subjects and he loves telling me about what they did that day. There is a great social
 aspect as well and know they are actively working with the children to ensure they are
 interacting with each other and teaching them to work out their problems. I know he is excited
 about what he has learned and that he looks forward to going to preschool. I know when he
 tells me to have a good day, he is having a great one with wonderful people looking after him
 and we can never thank them enough for that.
 Erin Hodgson, Wasilla, AK October 2013




     Our child has had many educational experiences in this program and I love how we are kept informed on
 what our child is doing throughout the day through pictures, texts and conversations with our provider.
 Katie Coffer, Peters Creek, AK October 2013

     I like the warm home feeling I get everyday; it's not just a normal daycare; I feel like my daughter is being
 cared for my family. Ashlynn loves the art lessons and learning letters. She is always so proud of what she
 makes and loves to show it off to everyone. She also picks up letters fast when they are used in a game or
 learning lesson. She has grown so much intellectually since starting; I have watched her blossom into a
 happy little girl who adores her friends.
 Andrea Williams, Wasilla, AK October 2013

     They have been the provider for my child through 2000 and into 2001. My child gained a wealth of
 knowledge and experience from being in their home! They are wonderful with the children in all ways.
 Particular instances that stick out in my mind are the daily activities and responsibilities they gave to each
 child in their home. We, as parents, were always welcome in their home and they have always been open
 to new ideas and suggestions for things to do with our children.
 Levesque, SSgt, USAF

     Their program has qualities that separates it from the rest. First off; they care about the child's well being,
 education, and people skills far more than the money that comes with them on a weekly basis. Second; they
 have the ability to ensure the parent that their child is always busy in an activity designed to develop and
 challenge them. And third; it sometimes hurts a true parent when someone else has to raise their children,
 but their program creates an environment comforting to all parents fortunate enough to call them "their"

     I like the fact that they are such dependable people. We can always count on them to be available during
 their normal working hours. They are so dedicated to their jobs; they become concerned when all the
 children do not show up during the day. They are really enthusiastic about exposing the children to various
 ideas and things. Some of the things they've studied include dinosaurs, bugs, and Thanksgiving (they even
 encouraged us to dress the kids as pilgrims and Indians). I also admire them for being patient enough to
 take six young children to the library. On one occasion they even had IDs made for all the children.
 Helena R GS-12 USAFE

     They are a great provider. They treated my son as if he was their own son!
 Canfield 2006-2007

     "My son has been in their care for 3 years now. He will transition to Kindergarten in September.
 Since they are an Accredited Developmental Provider, they know what to prep the children on so that
 when it comes time for them to go to school, they are not only prepared academically, but developed socially
 as well. The children are academically challenged, given self-esteem builders, and highly developed in their
 social skills, all within a family environment filled with lots of love. I highly recommend 'I Care Daycare!'"

     I like this day care provider because I know they will look after my son like I would if I stayed at home
 and they provide a safe and secure home for my son and it is like his home away from home. I also like
 that some staff have Associate's Degrees in Early Childhood Education and I have learned a lot about
 my son's behavior and traits. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for daycare providers.
 Signed by a very satisfied day care parent.
 Bahr 2006- 2007

     The program has a very warm and inviting environment. My son loves to go there, he loves the arts
 and crafts, outdoor playtime, and seeing all his friends. I am so happy to have my son in such a happy home.
 I feel very comfortable knowing that while I'm at work that my son is happy and well taken care of. We love
 the program.
 Hallman 2006-2007

     They have been my mentors for several years and I am a better provider because of it. Their knowledge of
 child care, strength and love for children and their families are just a few of their contributions. They never
 hesitate to share their knowledge and experience with other providers. They are very warm hearted and easy
 to approach; which makes them a favorite among the children (& parents). Their program has been used as
 an example of how a family child care home should be: professional, safe, healthy, developmentally
 appropriate and FUN. They have provided care for my own son. To this day he adores his day care provider
 and jumps at any opportunity to see them. They are also one of the few providers we have that is qualified to
 care for special needs children. Their program is in high demand. Not only providers have benefited from
 their knowledge and experience, but the children in their care as well as their parents. Even our own
 coordinators/inspectors have learned a thing or two from them. They are also a strong advocate for quality
 child care. As a fellow family child care provider, parent and friend; I am thankful that I got the chance to
 meet them.
 Gensler, Provider 2005-2007

     They are the best provider on Nellis Air Force Base here in Nevada. They are the only ones I would trust
 with my special needs infant. They take care of my children like they are their own. They had my oldest child
 more than ready for Kindergarten. My child never wants to leave their home. She would move in if she
 could. They are like family to us. They're dependable and are always flexible with my schedules. Germ
 control is very good at this facility my children are rarely sick. I also have loved the smaller ratio of children.
 At local centers the ratio to providers is 24 children to two providers and it is next to impossible for two adults
 to watch 24 children and teach them. The daily updates and cell phone pictures throughout the week are a
 highlight of my work day. Their program is the BOMB Dot Com.
 2008-2012 TSgt Michele Klein

     They are a very caring and attentive provider who notices the little things. That matters to us. As the
 baby of our family, our son has enjoyed many fun days of play in their program and with the other children
 in their care. We feel his vocabulary dramatically increased within a few short months of being in their care
 due, in part, to their constant interaction. He was always happy to go to care and loved all of the playtime he
 got outside. Their facility was very open, organized and neat. Children were able to find what they wanted
 easily. Our son loved their outside sand and water tables. He loved being able to spend tons of time
 outdoors. Members of their staff, who we used on an evening basis in our home was awesome punctual
 and always knew what to do. She has been our babysitter on frequent occasions and we trust her implicitly.
 The kids love her and always ask her to come back. We always come home to the children being fed,
 bathed and put to bed. She even tidied the areas of the home she used before we got home. We know
 they're safe and have recommended her to several coworkers and friends.
 Sarah Young
 Clark County School District Teacher