Wasilla's Choice for Daycare and Preschool
                                                                             Preschool Program

     Our preschool program was created to develop your child's academic skills while enhancing your child's social
 development. We have combined 20+ years of preschool activities and experience with The Learning Box
 Preschool program to provide your preschooler with the well rounded preschool education they need. Our
 program has a daily circle time where your child is read to in each half day period. We introduce and build upon
 letters, numbers, counting and recognition along with calendar skills, phonics, science, social studies, math,
 cooking, computer skills, music, foreign language and art in a small classroom environment, using hands-on
 experiences to develop your child's writing and social skills. We also emphasize group play to foster the
 development of social skills, including listening, sharing and cooperation. Your child will be encouraged to explore
 and learn in a fun environment, while making friends and developing self-confidence. Your child will be able to
 apply the knowledge learned here to excel in school. Preschoolers have over Ten Learning Centers which are
 rotated weekly that cover topics such as:

 Arranging items in sequence

 Counting items
 Recognizing and creating patterns
 Comparing differences and similarities
 Complex magnet activities
 Magnifying glasses for object observation
 Outdoor thermometer exploration
 Butterfly larvae observation
 Weather Station
 And more...

     Preschoolers will be given 1/2 hr twice a week of computer time to help develop their computer skills before
 starting school. Kool School, PBS.com and Starfall.com, ABC mouse.com will be the programs they have
 access to. Computers have child content filters enabled.

 Preschool goals
     Your preschooler will be exposed to an active challenging preschool environment that will help them excel in