Infant Program

     Our infant program offers a wide variety of ways to stimulate your baby through color, sights and sounds. Infants will be held frequently and spoken and sung to. Space is available for babies to explore freely, to crawl, and to stand. Sturdy, low furniture is available for those who are learning to walk. A wide variety of materials such as balls, grasping toys, stacking and nesting toys, rattles and toys to look, feel and mouth are available. Books made of durable materials that show simple pictures of people and familiar objects are also available. Your baby will be read to in each half day period. Babies are not left to cry and are able to nap when they are sleepy. If needed, we will help them fall asleep through rocking, patting, and/or soft music. We will talk to babies and toddlers about what is happening during transitions and routines. SIDS prevention will be followed at all times. A soft play area along with infant toy shelving is also available. Infant diapers are checked frequently and infants are kept clean and content.

                                                                             Infant Goals

     To make sure each infant is achieving the developmental milestones set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. To provide an enriching environment that is clean and safe for curious babies. To bond with infants so they feel safe and comfortable in our program while away from their families. To speak and interact with babies actively engaging them so they are consistently immersed in a language rich environment to further the emerging vocabulary.
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