Wasilla's Choice for Daycare and Preschool
                                                      Welcome to Alaska Children's Academy

    If you're looking for exceptional, consistent childcare this is the program for you. Your child will build self
 confidence through games, songs, art, and performing arts. We encourage socialization through making friends,
 teaching, and sharing. A large emphasis is placed on Kindergarten Readiness skills to prepare your child for a
 successful school experience. Individual and Group Preschool activities are offered daily. Our days are filled with
 art, creative play, music and reading. Here they will play and learn self-respect, respect towards others self help
 and safety will be emphasized. A typical day will consist of many fun activities, including reading, singing, free
 play, arts & crafts, preschool skills such as colors, shapes, letters and numbers. Your child will be offered science
 and math activities, dancing, dramatic play, music, outdoor play and sensory exploration. Additional instruction in
 sports, the fine arts, music, computer technology and exposure to foreign language are important components of
 developing a well-rounded child and will be offered. Fundamentals that your child will need before getting in to
 kindergarten will be taught as well as activities that will help them learn through play. Each child will be exposed
 to activities that are appropriate for their ages and development. The environment offers a variety of activity
 centers such as dramatic play area, block area, a library, science and math area and other age appropriate
 toys. Spanish and Russian terms are also introduced weekly along with sign language. Toddlers are worked with
 on potty training, and self help skills. Materials are switched out monthly to provide your child with a constant
 basis to learn new skills.

    Children thrive best in small groups with nurturing attentive caregivers. Children also need one-on-one
 personalized learning experiences to allow for the individual needs of each child in an environment where your
 child won't be lost in the crowd. Alaska Children's Academy provides the perfect environment for children.

    Our focus is additionally always on social interactions and relationships throughout the day to help your child
 cultivate lasting friendships. He or she will have the opportunity to socialize with other children of the same age
 and build the social skills needed to be successful. This program has met or exceeded all health and safety
 guidelines. We offer a clean and organized home filled with love and lots of attention for your little one! Our facility
 will provide all children in our care a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment. We enjoy exploring the
 wonders of the world through the eyes of young children, be it through reading, arts and crafts, sensory
 exploration, imaginative play, or field trips. Our goal is to enrich and enhance the growth and development of the
 "whole" child. We are concerned about a child's physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth. Above all else,
 we want the children to feel good about themselves and others. The involvement of parents in the classroom is
 an important part of this process and provides the child with a unique early educational experience.

    Our program focuses on school readiness and relationships and as a result, a high percentage of our business
 is from repeat customers, kids and referrals. We only take a limited number of new children each year but you are
 welcome to come for a tour and be placed on my wait list for my next available opening. If you're here, you're
 family and we are very excited to meet new families and children.

 Please Call 907-414-9332 to set up an appointment.